Edge Automation Systems is a solutions-oriented Systems Integrator with a passion for advancing reliable technology that brings value.  We deliver Building Automation Systems that reduce operating costs and enhance the work space experience for our clients.



Office Buildings

We work with building owner/operators, real estate executives, landlords and tenants to deliver Building Automation Systems that help enhance the work place experience while reducing operating costs and increasing the value of your asset.

Tenant Billing SolutionsEnergy Optimization and ReportingSmoke Control Mobile Apps – Enterprise Level BMS SolutionsUnified Room Control – Remote AccessCentral Plant and Distributed Equipment Control



Occupant Comfort is an important part of a hotel’s ability to retain customer loyalty and maintain high occupancy rates.  Reduced Operating Costs help maintain profitability in today’s competitive environment.  Learn how we can help your organization gain a competitive edge.

Guest Room SolutionsEnergy Optimization and ReportingSmoke ControlBusiness Systems IntegrationCentral Plant ControlDistributed Equipment Control


Data Centers

Collocation, Enterprise and Hyperscale Data Center operators require reliability, energy/operational efficiency and robust reporting capabilities from their Building Automation and Management Systems.   Many Data Center operators also have unique and customized requirements and different approaches as to how they measure success.  Edge Automation Systems has highly experienced personnel, flexible solutions and “best-in-class” products to meet the demands of most Data Center Operators.

Energy Optimization and ReportingCentral Plant and Distributed Systems ControlDCIM and Business Platform IntegrationWhite Space Monitoring SolutionsCustom Cooling System Control and IntegrationPower Monitoring and Management


Higher Education

University Campus’ can be a challenging environment to manage with geographically distributed assets, frequent construction and renovation projects, growth and sustainability goals.  Edge Automation Systems can help manage diverse and complex assets with an Automation System that is flexible and scalable, yet easy to manage.

Energy and Optimization ReportingCentral Plant and Distributed Systems ControlBusiness Platform IntegrationClassroom SolutionsDorm Room SolutionsLaboratory Solutions


Hi-Rise Residential and Mixed-Use Properties

Residential Buildings are evolving with more amenities, services, retail and office spaces while focusing on making more efficient use of resources through technology.  Find out how we can help you increase the value of your assets.

Tenant Room SolutionsUnified Room ControlEnergy Optimization and ReportingSmoke ControlBusiness and Enterprise Systems IntegrationCentral Plant ControlDistributed Equipment Control



New Construction

Working with General Contractors, Specifying Engineers, Mechanical Contractors, and Electricians to deliver well-coordinated, safe, and on-time automation projects.


Direct to building owners, or as part of a larger team, we deliver turn-key retrofit automation projects that minimize service disruption.

Service & Support

We offer competitive and flexible service programs for our installed automation projects.  This provides our clients with the peace of mind that our systems work reliably, and we will be there when they need us.


Our Focus


Reliability, total cost of ownership, and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand.  We strive to use the highest quality material, standardized programming, fail-over testing, and have a “do it right the first time” attitude to ensure that customers can rely on our products, services and employees.

Efficient and Green

We are passionate about providing solutions that reduce energy and water consumption, maximize production and lower environmental impact.   This not only increases profitability for our customers, but it makes us all proud of what we do and who we are.

Service Delivery Platform

A Building Automation System is a critically important investment and should have a long life-span if maintained properly.  We focus on diagnostics, reporting and proactive services to ensure the health of our automation system installations.

User Interface

People today are used having information and control at their finger tips.  That’s why we focus on solutions that are user-friendly with powerful applications, mobile friendly and have secure remote access.



As new data-hungry software platforms emerge and technology evolves, automation system connectivity is becoming increasingly important.  Our solutions are integration-ready with many cloud and IoT applications as well as Enterprise Business Solutions.